• Why do we need nutritional supplements?

    Here we explain why we need nutritional supplements. First we explain how nutrients can actually decrease risks on degenerative disease that affects people for so many years as they get older and then why we need optimal quantities of nutrients for optimal health. Then we outline why supplements is an excellent way to ensure you get the right amount of nutrients and how impractical can be in some cases for people to get them through their normal diet.
  • Where to buy USANA vitamins?

    Here we detail why you should buy directly from a USANA distributor vs buying on the resale market where you lose the 30 day warranty and you run risks on products you actually put inside your body. HealthyU is an authorized distributor by USANA and we ship the products directly from Salt Lake City to you.
  • 7 actionable tips to improve your brain health

    In order to enable our brain to function properly we can provide it with he right nutrition, ensure plenty of oxygen through exercise, sleep properly, learn new things every day, be in contact with nature and nurture our social life. 

    The USANA supplements that help in our brain function are the USANA Cellsentials, the USANA Biomega and the USANA Copaprime+

  • 5 tips to better deal with stress and anxiety

      We are going through times where there are plenty of reasons to be anxious and stressed. This decade is being plagued with chall...
  • How to choose a multivitamin?

    Choosing a multivitamin is a challenge due to the number of brands and the different qualities. 

    Here we highlight the 5 factors to consider when choosing a multivitamin which are integrity, bioavailability, quality of ingredients, zero sugar and flavonoid content.

  • 5 tips to maintainin a healthy, younger-lookin skin

    5 tips to maintaining a healthy looking skin that you can apply right now. 

  • 4 Tips to Better Manage Seasonal Allergies

    A close friend of mine just cancelled a celebration for the regional championship our sons won playing varsity soccer for their high school. The re...
  • How effective are USANA products?

    USANA products have superior quality and have third party certification and seals of approval that very few other companies have. USANA Incelligence is a patented technology incorporated in our products that signal the human cells to renew themselves. 

    Reponse to the USANA supplements vary based on each individual baseline and the rate of cell renewal in each of the body components that need attention. The key to sucess is consistency with three months being my standard recommendation. 

    I have numerous great testimonials on my 15 years recommending USANA. There is a reason olympic athletes take them. 

  • Tips to Lower Your CardioVascular Risk

    This article has actionable tips for you to take care of your cardiovascular health. 

    First, you need to know your numbers beyond the traditional blood testing exam. Then you need to exercise efficiently, eat heart friendly foods and get high quality , pharmaceutical grade supplements.