USANA Pure Essential Oils Collection
USANA Pure Essential Oils Collection
USANA Pure Essential Oils Collection
USANA Pure Essential Oils Collection

USANA Pure Essential Oils Collection

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A collection of six pure essential oils selected for an array of aromatic environments.


The USANA Difference

Lift your mood and tune in to your senses with this selection of pure essential oils. Create an atmosphere to support mental well-being, calm your senses, and soothe your skin with pure essential oils made from plant extracts.

Each comes in a convenient 10 mL bottle. Use these essential oils alone or blended to create your own aromatic combination for use at bedtime, post workout, or anytime you want to set the tone for self-care and restore a feeling of balance.

Health Benefits

  • Lavender—this relaxing scent can be used as an aromatic companion for a calming massage or bath before bedtime. Topical applications include cleansing and providing a soothing sensation.
  • Peppermint—regarded for its clarifying aroma, create a focused environment for studying and other mentally demanding tasks. Key compound, menthol, provides a cooling sensation.
  • Tea Tree—this pure, multi-purpose oil is known for purifying and cleansing the skin as well as your environment. It can be blended with massage oil or lotion, applied to the feet, or added to bathwater for a grounded aromatic experience.
  • Lemon—bright and energizing, this exhilarating aroma is derived from the oil of citrus peel. Animate your atmosphere and breathe in the uplifting scent during your morning or mid-afternoon lulls. 
  • Breathe—a blend of clarifying aromatic essential oils bring your senses to life. Eucalyptus, peppermint, basil, tea tree, and rosemary combine to remedy stuffy rooms or uplift before exercise or during a morning shower.
  •  Sleep—a comforting blend of essential oils to create a grounded, calming environment. This blend features lavender, wintergreen, frankincense, amyris, lemongrass, cedarwood, orange, and patchouli. It fits perfectly in your nighttime routine to relax and unwind.

Use precaution when using USANA’s Pure Essential Oils. Visit Ask the Scientists for more information on how to safely incorporate essential oils into your wellness routine.

Usage Directions: Add 7–8 drops to diffuser water or 1–2 drops to carrier oil for topical applications.