My name is Andrea Equihua. I am a certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I initially went through life collecting achievements. I became an Electronic Systems Engineer, completed my MBA, started working for a Fortune 500 company and even started a PHD in Education. While I was satisfied with my level of achievement, I was not fulfilled. 

Having kids was the trigger I needed to determine how to invest my time and to find my calling. My second son had pneumonia when he was just a few months old and that was enough for me to embark on a journey to dramatically improve my own health and my loved ones. 

Today, my passion is to enable my clients to live life to the fullest through a healthier lifestyle.

I use a comprehensive framework that includes Nutrition, Stress Management, Exercise, Detox, Hydration and Supplementation when coaching my clients.

Through this journey I learned that most of the supplements out there do not even have what the label says due to lack of regulation. Through research, I found USANA to be the best supplement brand in North Americaj, founded by a renowed scientist instead of a Sales and Marketing executive. Their quality attracts thousands of elite athletes that feel safe using it without any antidoping risks.

You have our commitment in getting USANA to you directly from our FDA certified facility in Salt Lake City UT or from our warehouse in Texas, whatever is best for you in terms of shipping time and expiration dates.