How to choose a multivitamin?

Choosing a multivitamin might be a challenge. There are so many brands out there, specially in the USA, where manufacturing standards are not that stringent when compared with other countries like the European Union, Australia and Canada.

These are the following factors to consider:

1. Integrity

This means that whatever is in the label, is in the product. You must buy a multivitamin certified by a 3rd party. Look for NSF (National Science Foundation)  certified or Consumer Lab seal of approval products.

2. Bioavailability

This means that your body is able to absorb the nutrients inside the supplement. Minerals in particular represent a challenge so make sure the minerals you buy are chelated. This makes them easier to absorb.

3. Quality of ingredients

Products that have synthetic vitamins such as vitamin A could be toxic for you. Most synthetic vitamin A comes from palm oil, which is known to cause deforestation in the planet. Look for products that have carotens which is what you get when you eat a carrot. Your body will then transform this into the vitamin A it ineeds.

Most brands are not transparent regarding where the product is manufactured and most do not even own their manufacturing facility. Find a brand that is transparent in their manufacturing process.

4. Zero Sugar

While gummies are easier to swallow than pills, they usually have sugar, artifical colors and flavors and their quality is lower. 

5. Flavonoids.

Beyond minerals and vitamins, there are a number of compounds found in vegetables that are beneficial to your body and assist in fighting free radical oxidation. Alpha Lipoic Acid, Quercetin, Resveratrol and Curcumin are examples of these great substances.

The USANA Cellsentials have been ranked # 1 on a study considering the criteria above which is published in the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide for Nutritional Supplement where hundreds of brands were compared. 

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USANA's quality is such that hundreds of olympic athletes take USANA supplements and receive a 1 MM insurance against any antidoping issue.


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