How effective are USANA products?

After 15 years using and recommeding the USANA products I often get the question on how effective these supplements are. 

First, let's highlight what makes USANA different from most of the nutritional supplements sold in the US market: 

1. USANA voluntarily adopts pharmaceutical manufacturing practices. This ensures what is in the label is actually in the product. This goes beyond the regulatory standards required to sell supplements in the USA.

2. USANA has Consumerlab seal of approval on a number of their products. This is a 3rd party organization that tests the quality of different supplements and foods consumer use in the USA. 

3. The Cellsentials Multivitamin ranked # 1 on a study done by Nutrisearch, which considered a hundreds of brands. You can buy their comparative guide in Amazon and check for yourself!

4. USANA has a patent for the Incelligence technology incorporated in their supplements. This means you can't get anywhere else the unique combination of compounds and bioflavonoids that signal your cells to renew themselves. (U.S. Pat. No. 10,632,101). This technology is incorporated in a number of products. The green circle in the label of the bottle indicates USANA Incellgence technology is included. 

Now, let's tackle the question on their effectiveness. Here what I do is clarify the expectations with my customers. Supplements work by providing the nutrients your body requires at the cellular level, nutrients that you may be lacking due to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Your body uses those nutrients as cell repair and renewal happens. The rate of cell renewal varies among different parts of your body. For example, you get a new skeleton every 10 years but you get a new intestinal lining every 3 days. The key for supplements to make a difference is consistency.  I usually tell my clientes to commit to three months of consistent use before they start assessing the outcome. 

I have also seen different people with different outcomes from the same supplement. Why? because every person comes from a different nutrient intake and health condition baseline.

Considering all the elements above, I have seen that some USANA supplements tend to provide a more immediate result vs others. People using USANA Pure Rest know right away if they've got a better sleep and most of them do. I usually see a fast positive response to our USANA Procosa for joint health. Some combinations work great together like the USANA Probiotic and USANA Booster C to nurture our immune system. Sometimes the improvement is gradual and people barely notice until 2 or 3 months have passed after taking the Cellsentials. For example, my husband noticed the difference in energy when helping me at night with the feeding and caring of our second kid after recalling the experience we had with the first one.

To me the most relevant testimony to these supplements is the fact that they are used by a number of Olympic Athletes that have a 1 million USD guarantee against any antidoping issue. This includes the USA swimming team. 

In my health coaching practice I design personalized supplementation plans to suit the needs from each individual. Feel free to contact me in the chat if you need my help and join the vision of our founder: To become the healthiest family on Earth. 

Feel free to contact me by sharing about your health related goals over an email to I respond every email I get from my customers. 



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