7 actionable tips to improve your brain health

As we age, we are at risk of losing a deterioriation in our brain function but the good news is that there are things you can do so you stay sharp for a very long period of time. 

The following are 7 actionable ideas for you:

1. Nurture your brain with the right food

Fats have a bad reputation, maybe more than what they should to be honest. You must avoid transfats at all cost since they are strongly related to cardiovascular disease but healthy fats, such as the ones coming from fish have the essential fatty acids you need for a healthy brain. Omega 3 fatty acids coming from nuts, seeds and fatty, oily fish are great for you.

If you replace bread or mashed potatoes with vegetables like spinach, broccoli and berries you won't only benefit in your weight but you will be feeding your brain with the right vitamins and minerals. 

2. Exercise 

Your brain consumes a lot of energy, it is actually the organ that consumes the most energy in your body. Whenever I go for a run, I get ideas I can implement that I wouldn't get by staying idle at home. This is because when I run, I send a lot more oxygen to the brain. Aerobic exercise also influences positively your cardiovascular health. 

If you add variety to the type of movement you do you will be also stimulating your brain. Make sure you do something fun, something you crave to do so you start exercising at lesat 5 times a week without a problem. 

3. Sleep Properly

Get at least 7 hours of quality sleep at night. Meditate before going to bed. Have dinner at least 3 hours before. Make sure your room is completely dark. If you need an eye mask use it. It is a cheap trick that could help you feel rested the next day. 

Good sleep helps you retain what you learn since the brain organizes your memories over night and also does the restoration needed to be ready for the next day. 

People that sleep les than 6 hours per night have a higher likelihood of developing cognitive issues.

4: Learn New Things Daily

We need to stimulate our brain continuously so it performs at its best. For this, we need to learn new things. This will help you build new neural pathways and keep your brain at its best. Learn to play a musical instrument, go to a dance lesson, read a new book, try playing a videogame with the kids around you. 

5: Be in Contact with Nature

After going through the pandemic some people just feel comfortable staying at home. However, being in close contact with nature contributes to the relaxatoin our brain needs to continue to perform when we need it. Even a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood park could greatly help you. Try to use all your senses when being in close contact with nature. Smell the flowers, listen to the birds, see the clouds, walk with your bare foot on the green grass. 

6. Manage Stress in Healthy Ways

There is another blog article in HealthyU on dealing with stress and anxiety but here I would like to focus on mindfulness. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and guided meditations are great options. Remember that it is best to do 5 minutes of meditation daily than trying to do 30 minutes and then not do it for 5 days. Here, consistency is key. One great breathing technique I recommend is to fill your lungs with air for 4 seconds, keep the air inside for 7 and then release the air through your mouth for 8 seconds. Do this three times a day. It will be great for your mood and your brain. 

7. Don't Forget Your Social Life

We are social beings and keeping our relationships with others active helps our brain as well. Our brains thrive from being social. Conversation is a way to stimulate our brain. We learn from others, we laugh together, we release stress from feeling the connection with the people we love.

Make sure you block time in your calendar to nurture the relationships that matter to you. Your brain will appreciate it!

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