5 tips to maintainin a healthy, younger-lookin skin

I have received great positive feedback about our Advanced Collagen that I have decided to write this small article to share some tips that everyone can use on maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin that applies both for men and women.



1. Take advantage of the sun, wisely

We have all seen warnings about sun exposure and skin cancer and certainly, we need to be careful. However, our bodies make the vitamin D we need when the sun touches our skin and lack of sun exposure is one big reason there is ramping vitamin D deficiency in the modern human. You can expose to the sun for 30 minutes several times a week. It's a good idea to cover your face. Sun exposure could boost serotonin which improves your mood.

2. Protect your skin microbiome

Science has not studied our skin microbiome until very recently. Turns out that the bacteria in our skin can be very important and could assist our immune function and vitamin D production. We clean our skin with harsh soap we clean our body but we also kill our microbiome. Better to use a friendly shower gel (USANA has one) focusing on the hairy parts. For the rest, water should make it most of the time!

3. Avoid the toxins

There are some skin manufacturers that produce skincare products just with the focus on how you look. USANA has designed its Celavive skincare line considering your skin as your largest organ and as a consequence is free of parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and BHT free.

4. Nurture your skin from the inside out

Your skin tells a lot about your health. Vitamin C aids in the production of collagen for a great, healthy looking skin. USANA Proflavanol C has the unique Poly C formula that is ascorbate based (not ascorbic acid). This is easy on the stomach and stays more in your blood.

5. Hydrate

Ensure you take plenty of liquids during the day. Set an alarm on your phone so you don't forget to take water and be easy on caffeine, alcohol and avoid soda like the pest. We have in the USANA Electrolyte replacement a great way to replenish the minerals you need to stay hydrated.
I hope this information is useful!

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