4 Tips to Better Manage Seasonal Allergies

A close friend of mine just cancelled a celebration for the regional championship our sons won playing varsity soccer for their high school. The reason? he was just miserable with the spring seasonal allergies here in Austin. He does not want to rely on medications but over the counter remedies were not enough for him. I am sharing the recommendations I provided to him so you or someone you know might benefit.

First, I want to tell you that if you have a strong allergic reaction that puts in danger your life you should see a doctor immediately since the recommendations below are to address the root cause of the issue and as a consequence, they require time and consistency.

Conventional medicine frequently deals with allergies addressing the symptoms and suppressing the immune system vs resolving the issue for good.

The key question is, why the immune system is not managing those allergens correctly? Frequently, the root cause for an allergic reaction relies in our gut. 80% of our immune system is on the other side of our intestine since a lot of pathogens could come on the food we absorb. If our gut lining and our gut bacteria is compromised, our immune system won't be at its best and might not deal with allergens as it should.

Chronic inflammation is also the cause for a number of chronic illnesses and could be the cause for your allergic reactions too.


You can do the following to improve your gut:

1. Fix your diet.

a. Reduce or eliminate food that could be damaging to your intestinal lining: gluten, corn, dairy and alcohol.

b. Increase your consumption of fiber through raw and cooked vegetables. I usually recommend my clientes to ensure half of their plate when they eat consists of greens. At breakfast, a green juice with all the veggies on the blender will do. This will help you flight inflammation. USANA fibergy active is a great way to increase your fiber consumption every day.

2. Manage stress and ensure you get a high quality sleep.

a. Incorporate a relaxation routine in your daily life. A 10 minute guided relaxation listening to youtube is a great start.
b. Ensure you go to bed as a consistent time. Avoid screens 1 hour before bed and

3. Adopt a strong supplementation protocol.

The following supplementation protocol is the one I recommend to my customers. One of them wrote the following review on my Health Coaching practice:

" we are soooo happy we found Andrea! My kids and I have done a 180 with our allergies!! We are completely new people!!"

The basic protocol I recommend is the following:

a. USANA Probiotic - One stick a day - Helps restore the gut bacteria nurturing the immune system.
b. USANA Biomega - One in the morning and one in the afternoon - helps to modulate immune system reponse.
c. USANA Proflavanol C 200 - Helps fighting inflammation and nurtures the immune system - One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The optimal protocol adds:
a. USANA Cellsentials - As recommended in the label . Quercetin, included in the Incellgence complex, is a natural antihistamine.

4. You might want to dig dipper and ensure you don't have a high set of enviromental toxins around you. A great way to know if you have chronic inflammation is to ask your doctor to test for the C-reactive protein.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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