New Study Confirms Benefits of Magnesium Supplementation

There is a study published this year where 17 clinical trials were analyzed and the results are amazing. 

This study confirms the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of Magnesium. There is a cardiovascular inflammatory marker that everyone should monitor which is the C-reactive protein. To me, this is one of the most important markers you need to be aware of and is not known by most people. If you want to know yours, I have found the Cardio IQ inflammation panel by Grassroot Labs to be very comprehensive and cost efficient. 

Anyway, the study confirms that supplementation of Magnesium is related to a reduction on C reactive protein and an increase in Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide is a molecule that was recently discovered and its importance is such that a Nobel Prize was awarded to the scientists that discovered it in 1998. Nitric Oxide is key in the protection of the endothelial lining (the walls of your veins and arteries).

Our body requires Magnesium in more than 400 biochemical processes and our western diet. Since Magnesium exists in green leafy vegetables, there is a deficiency in most people (the optimal consumption of magnesium is 400 mg).

You can get 300 mg by taking your USANA Mineral Calm every night. You will sleep better, your blood vessels will relax with you. 

By the way, there are no harmful or secondary effects on Magnesium so you can take the USANA Mineral Calm on top of your USANA Cellsentials and you will be in great shape.

I hope this is helpful!

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